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           Liaoyang Hengye Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Liaoyang, Liaoning Province, founded in 2002, mainly engaged in fine chemicals R & D and production of high-tech enterprises. There are more than 50 employees, including more than 30 technical personnel, based on the research institutes of Dalian University of Technology and Shenyang University of Technology. Based on the PetroChina Liaoyang petrochemical engineering technology, it has become a fine chemical enterprise with a certain technical content and core competence.
          Glutaric acid
          CAS number: 110-94-1
          Product uses: used in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates and synthetic resin materials.

          Glutaric anhydride
          CAS number: 108-55-4
          Product uses: mainly used for the production and preparation of rubber, plastic, resin, medicine and so on.
          Used for the synthesis of chemical, pharmaceutical raw materials, biological pharmaceutical intermediates.

          Copyright all: Liaoyang Hengye Chemical Co., Ltd. Company Address: Tiexi chemical park, Liaoning, lighthouse City, contact person: Zhang manager contact phone: 0419-5369227 13500495348

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